Library Hours Holidays
9:00 AM to 1:00 PM Every 2 nd and 4 th Saturday
2:00 PM to 5:00 PM Every Sunday Official Holiday

Library Admission

Admission to the Library Reading Room is restricted. Only members have access to the collections. Visitors can enter the Reading Room after obtaining “Visitor Badge” from the Library reception desk.

Categories for Membership

  • Sponsorship (Life Time Member): Any individual or institution can become a Sponsorship Member by making a contribution of US$300 (for oversea resident) or Rs. 10,000/- (for residents of South Asian countries), these sponsorship members can access all library resources including subscription of annual newsletter and a 25% discount on available publication of the Library.
  • Research Scholar: An individual who completed a minimum of Master degree or equivalent from any University, can become a research scholar Member, He/she also has to submit a valid personal identification along with the letter from a recognized university or institutions, affirming your scholarly status without which library will not be entertaining a person to become a research member.
  • Institutions: Recognized organizations can become an institutional member; letter from the Head of Institute will only be recognized as an institutional member.
  • General member with loans: Individual irrespective of any educational background but wishes to do his/her own research can choose to become general member with loans.
  • Student/ General: Student from schools, colleges, universities as well as general public can become a member under this category.
  • Sanghas, senior citizens & DKI staff: Sanghas, senior citizens, (above 60 years of age) and DKI staff can choose to become a member.
  • Temporary Members: An individual can also choose to become temporary members.

Membership fee obtained from the above will be used towards purchasing of additional books and for the general maintenance of the Library.

  • Procedure for becoming a member: the membership registration form can be obtained from the reception desk at main office. Its should be duly filled and must be submitted along with 2 passport size photographs to the Directors office along with photocopy of identification proof (official ID card issued by govt.). On the successful acceptance of registration form kindly deposit the specified fee at the accounts office and bring the fee deposit receipt to the library. You will then be issued a membership car for admission access of library resources like reading or borrowing books. In case of any kindly delay in getting the membership car due to unforeseen reason members are advised to use the receipt as membership identification.
  • Membership Card and Its Validity:
    • Membership is valid for 1 year form the date of issue
    • Temporary membership is valid for one month subjected for renewal after every month.
    • Membership card is non transferable.
    • Members will be held responsible for any misuse of their membership card.
    • In case of loss of membership card member shall make a written report to the library. A duplicate membership card will then be issued on the payment of Rs. 10/-
  • Membership Details:
Category Annual Fee(Rs.) Entitlement Security(Rs) Loan Period
Lifetime Member(Sponsorship) 10,000/-(refer “a” of clause 3) 3 Books NIL 2Weeks
Research Scholar INR. 600 5 Books 5000/- 2 Weeks
Institutions INR. 1200/- 3 Books |
3 Educational videos
5000/- 2 Weeks Books,
1 Week Videos
General Member with Loans INR. 300/- 2 Books 2 Books 2 Weeks
Student/General INR. 180/- No Loan N/A N/A
Sanghas/Senior Citizen & DKI Staff INR. 180/- No Loan N/A N/A
Temporary Members INR. 35/- No Loan N/A N/A
  • Note:
    • Transition of books will be closed one hour before the closing of library.
    • Security Fee deposit is refundable.
  • Loss of Books: if a book borrowed from the library is lost, it must be replaced; failing which an amount equivalent to double the current price will be levied.
  • Facilities:
    • Reference service
    • Online public access catalogue
    • Audio/visual
    • Reservation of books/videos
  • Photocopying, Internet and other services:
S/no. Particular Price
1 Photocopy Rs. 2/- per page
2 Internet Free
3 Computer Printing Rs. 10 /- per page
4 Color Print Rs. 10/- per page
5 Laser Printing
  • General:
    • All personal belongings (bags, books, briefcase etc.) must be deposited at the reception desk.
    • The security personal of the library are entitled to check a person leaving the reading room
    • Drinks, edibles, sleeping, smoking and pets are strictly prohibited in the reading room.
    • Members can take lunch (vegetarian) after getting a receipt from reception desk on payment of Rs. 100/- at least 2 hour before Lunch.
  • Note:- Members who infringe the rules shall be libel
Library Membership Form